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  Punt Gun    
  This is a 10 bore punt gun, circa 1880, 62 inches overall, 47 inch barrel, and in superb condition, weighing 11 lbs. Very reasonably priced - please see pictures (click on description)
Section 2 -  Shotguns
12 bore side by side
Ref 1036 12 bore Gunmark Kestrel side by side non ejector 27½" barrels, choked  ¼ and ½   (2)
Ref 1112 12 bore Ugartachea, sidelock ejector, 25" barrels
Ref 1127 12 bore Ugartachea (Spanish) side by side non ejector
Ref 1139S 12 bore Harrier De Luxe, side by side ejector - excellent condition.
Ref 1149S 12 bore Laurona non ejector, 28" barrels , choked ½ and ¾
Ref 1172S 12 bore Zabala model LP7 - side by side non ejector - beaver tail fore end, will take 3" magnum cartridges - 30" barrels
Ref 1189S 12 bore J McLoughlin of Cheltenham sidelock ejector with 30" barrels
Ref 1196S 12 bore LIG - "La Industrial Guipuzcoana" - (Spanish) side by side ejector with 28" barrels - choked ½ and ¾
Ref 1221S 12 bore AYA Yeoman, non ejector, 27 ¾" barrel, superb condition.
Ref 1232S 12 bore Baikal over and under, fixed chokes, single trigger, ejector.
Small bore, Pump Action and Single Barrel
Ref 1181S 16 bore Belgian single barrel, 28", as new colour case hardening, excellent gun.
Ref 1223S .410 Webley & Scott, bolt action - in excellent condition.
Ref 1224S .410 Belgian fully folding single barrel, side lever opening - good condition.
Section 1 -  Firearms Licence
Ref 916 .270 Ruger M77.
.22 WMR Winchester Model 61, manufactured in 1961 - quite rare as very few made - in pristine condition with Mk XX11 4 x 50 Weatherby scope.
Ref 1052 .270 Parker Hale with sling & Nikko Stirling 4 x 32 scope.
Ref 1161R .44 Black Powder Italian Remington Texas New Army, 7¾" barrel.
Ref 1163R .44 Black Powder Italian Navy Model, 7½" barrel
Ref 1177R .44 Black Powder Uberti Colt Navy, excellent condition with 7 ¼" barrel
Ref 1179R .36 Black Powder Uberti 1861 Reb. Nord., 7½" Barrel
Ref 1196R .22 Anschutz, bolt action rifle, 7 shot magazine, threaded with Kassnar scope - comes complete with sound moderator.
Ref 1209R .36 Uberti Black Powder Pistol. Excellent condition.
Ref 1210R .22 WMR Bolt Action BRNO rifle Model 2-E - excellent condition throughout and complete with Simmons scope and leather woven shoulder strap. Wood is unmarked.
Prohibited Hand Guns
These can be supplied as follows:-
(1) As listed without alteration to Section 5 dealers    
    (2) Restricted to two shot and supplied on Section 1 Firearms Licence as "Humane Killer".    
    (3) There is no charge for restriction to 2 shot.    
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  Multi calibre shooting system    
  Thompson Contender with .45LC/.410 barrel, complete with quick release scope mount, and ultra dot, red dot aiming system.
The gun and barrels are "armour alloy" and the barrels are 10" long.
The firing pin can be changed from RF to CF at the click on a switch
Spare barrel in .357 Magum calibre with quick release scope mount and red dot aiming system.
Spare barrel in .22 calibre with quick release scope mount, no scope, but has sound moderator fitted.
Leather holster in excellent condition.
The package comes complete with the original boxes.
.410 calibre

Brand new Eternal (Turkish) single shot .410 pistol, 3 inch chamber, 13 inch barrel, chrome plated bore and chamber. Weight 2.3 kgs . Very good quality.

.22 calibre
Ref 1344H

.22 BuHag Free Pistol in original carrying case made in GDR (East Germany) in 1980. Falling block action, single shot with adjustable custom made anatomical grips, and in superb condition. A true rarity, very rarely seen on the market. For further information tel. 01823662691

Ref 1382H .22 Walther P22 Target Pistol, complete with spare magazine and original case..
Ref 1389H .22 Walter Munk - Suhl (GDR). Falling block action, single shot with adjustable anatomical grips and in excellent condition. A very rare gun with low serial number.
Ref 1395H .22 Hornet (Centrefire) Anschutz bolt action with small capacity magazine. This is the "Brute" with a 10" barrel, blued and heavy!.
Ref 1427H .22 Brand new Taurus Model 96, matt blued with 6" barrel, Complete with rubber safety cover for rear adjustable sights. The gun also has the "Taurus Security System" which when engaged prevents the functioning of the revolver. Already restricted to 2 shot.
2 shot
Ref 1452H .22 RF North American Arms mini revolver, supplied with either .22 RF or .22 WMR cylinder (both rimfire). 5 round capacity and with 1 1/8" barrel, complete with pouch and belt holster and rose wood grips NEW and unfired. £425.00  
7.65 mm calibre ( i.e. .32)
Ref 1271H 7.65 mm Beretta Model 70, blued in excellent condition - spare mag.
.32 Calibre
  Currently No Stock of .32 Calibre
9mm calibre
  Currently No Stock of 9mm
.38 special calibre
Ref 1257H .38 special Rossi Model 27, blued with 2" barrel.
2 shot
Ref 1301H .38 special Smith & Wesson Airweight, with semi concealed hammer, blued with 2" barrel (J Frame).
2 shot
.44 Magnum calibre
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