The Law & .410 Pistols.

There is considerable confusion over the classification of .410 pistols.

The .410 pistol is classified exactly the same as Prohibited Handguns, and is Section 5.

Any RFD who holds one in stock must have Section 5 authorisation from The Home Office.

The .410 pistol can be held ( as can restricted revolvers) on a Section 1 Firearms Licence where a space exists.

Until they are actually transferred to a Section 1 licence they remain Section 5, and cannot be sent to an RFD.

All transfers must be "face to face".

This legislation came into force soon after a murder trail at The Old Bailey on February 2nd 1996, whereby a stolen certificate allowed two handguns to be illegally bought and one used as a murder weapon.

Also it is totally illegal to reduce the barrels of a .410 shotgun to below 24 inches (as with any shotgun) - even for an RFD it is still illegal.