Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show

Joe Wanenmacher (President). Mark Wanenmacher (Vice President).

WARNING - To enter the United States on the Visa Waiver Program you will need an ESTA (Electonic System for Travel Authorizaton). It costs $14 per person and is valid for two years or until the expiry of your passport if that is earlier. BEWARE - make sure you go to the official website - there are private Companies who purport to be the official website but they charge about £50 per person , because they guarantee a quicker service. You need only pay $14 per person - so be careful, the websites look the same - choose the correct one !!

The Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show is without doubt the largest (non military) gun show in the world . It is held in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the U.S.A twice a year - April and November. It is a must for those people with a love of guns, both modern and antique, a taste for the American West and the Western American Indian culture.

A big thanks to the Rock Island Auction Company for allowing us to handle and to photograph a very historic and rare hand gun. Click the next link for some random pics from the show..

Below is some information which we hope will help you make the decision to visit the Show, and should you have an interest in attending one of the Shows - we would be pleased to help with arrangements, advice, flights, accommodation and anything else.

If you have a slot for something on your certificate, we can arrange exports to the UK for you as well.

The Show has only guns and items for sale that are connected with the "gun culture" both past and present . There are normally about 4,100 tables and the show opening times are Saturday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm and on Sunday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show brings in annually over sixteen million dollars to the Tulsa economy. The two organisers of the Show are father and son Joe and Mark Wanenmacher (pictured above) - they are always on hand during the Show and they are both very friendly and helpful - they will always find time during the busy show to have a chat.

This is not necessarily an "escape" for the "gun guys" - Oklahoma is a beautiful State, and Tulsa has an amazing array of cultures that would bring big smiles to the girls as well. Great shopping, wonderful food from every corner of the World, and at prices that are about 50% cheaper than in the UK. Accommodation - we always use "The Best Western Airport Hotel" just a few miles from the airport and a short distance from the Show and we highly recommend it.

Have a look at their website www.bestwesterntulsaairport.com. The hotel is very comfortable, with good sized rooms, and there is a free shuttle service to collect you and return you to the airport. Getting to the Show is no problem - the hotel being full with visitors and exhibitors to the Show from most States - a really friendly and welcoming crowd.

A complimentary breakfast allows you to meet all the guys (many with their girlfriends or wives) and as soon as they hear your English voice you are drawn into their conversation. The owners of the Hotel are very friendly and helpful, and the staff are both courteous and welcoming and will help with anything you need to know.

Flights - from wherever you fly, first landing is normally the hub in Chicago, and then a smaller plane to take you down to Tulsa. We are available for help and advice on the "flying element" - hopefully to make your entry into The States a relaxing one.

The last show was packed as always on both days, and some random pictures from previous shows will give you an idea both of size of the Show and some of the goods for sale. Mark Wanenmacher was on hand to chat and give advice and help - a super guy, and Mark and Joe fully deserve the support they get at the Shows. The next Show is April 1st and 2nd 2017. If you have a "space" on your firearms certificate in the UK and you are prepared to see the greatest Gun Show in America, we are happy to advise with export from the USA and import into the UK., if you find your "treasure" !!! We can also help with car hire, and with unleaded petrol at £2.25 per US gallon, it is worth driving with the wheel on the wrong side and driving on the wrong side of the road !! Driving in The States is honestly more relaxing on all roads than driving in the UK. !! Join us and enjoy an experience that will live with you for ever. .

Telephone for a chat on 01823 662691 or email to malcolm@valefirearms.co.uk

Really hope you will join us in a celebration of guns past and present.

Malcolm & Thelma